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Cliquez ici pour SUPPORT FOR BLINK 182

Auteur :Blink 182's true fans
créé le :23-04-2011

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Cliquez ici pour SUPPORT FOR BLINK 182

This page is a support for blink 182. There's still true fans in this world. 

For the people who've made the petition "to get our tour back" : 

"WHAT'S THAT ? This petition is totally stupid ! True fans WANT the new abum ! You mother fuckers you're just sayin "ME .... ME.... MY MONEY.... JUST MY COUNTRY... ME .... ME AGAIN"  Respect your idols a bit, shit ! They've been separated for 4 years ! ONE year 's NOTHING ! Wake up guys ! Even if you'll can't see them next year, that's not their fault ! There's AVA, A different Spin with Mark Hoppus and Travis's new album too ! You're not alone in this world. Think more ! And the nex album gonna be wonderful I'm sure ! They're right to take their time ! Would you the others to discourage you when you're hardworkin for them ? "

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